5 Simple Steps to attract more Abundance in your life


  • What's In it for You

    I am glad you asked :)

    Are you ready to own your manifesting powers, transform Your life and grow Your bank account?

    If you are nodding your head yes, then here is what you can expect.


    In 5 days you will learn 5 Simple Steps to attract more Abundance in your life. You will learn how using this formula INTENTION + ENERGY + INSPIRATION + DESIRE + ACTION = MANIFESTING MOJO™ combined with daily prompts intended to ignite your manifesting powers faster.

    Results You Can Expect to Receive

    As a result of participating in the 5 Day challenge, you will reclaim your power, shift your mindset and learn how to activate YOUR manifesting mojo.



    Real Results

    “You know you're truly living the Law of Attraction when you receive your first manifested check in the mail.... I've been diving more into manifesting with Maureen helping me. This wasn't a payment that I was expecting or even was supposed to get. In fact, this company and I have split ways a very long time ago. Change your mindset and watch the universe start providing.” ~BK

    Ever since I've been doing Periscope classes with Maureen Saladino, abundance, blessings and success have started to follow me!​ Jennifer G.


    “Since the challenge, I’ve been manifesting for 2 days and I received a call from my part time job asking me to pick up 3 more nights!!!!!” Sara O’Brien


    "I did the challenge and within one month, I manifested an extra $500" Lisa Dunlap

  • 5 Day ​Breakdown


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    Day 1: DESIRE

    The first step is the willingness to make a change.​ And Awareness that change needs to be made. 

    Today we learn how to set the right intentions to get into peak energy alignment.

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    Day 2: Inspiration & Intention

    Time to Re-frame your money story

    Shift your old thinking to Inspired Action

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    Day 3: Amplify your Money Mojo

    Learn to use your energy to shift your mindset. 

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    Day 4 Set your soul on fire.

    Implementing the 3 tools from the days before and getting into Action and applying these principles daily.

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    Manifesting Mojo

    Day 5 Activation

    Secret Sauce my top tricks to peak energy performance so you can create more wealth. 

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  • Your Teacher & Guide

    Are you a badass lady bosses who is not afraid to wear crystals in your bra? Me too!!

    As a result of working with me, you will re-ignite your energy, passion and confidence in your life and biz. I am looking for women who are ready to own their spiritual power, transform their life and grow their bank account. It's time to shift from burned out to blazing energy.

    The time is now to shift your energy around money and learn the simple steps that I have tested time and time again to feel like this picture. It works if you work it and I can not wait to teach you how.

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    This is how I feel, When I am financially free! 

    I am Maureen your Master Energy Healer & Coach for the 5 day challenge. I will help you get crystal clear on how to attract more Abundance in your life now.​